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Portes Spectacle Seulement: 19:30

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12 Dec

Elton John Tribute with Captain Fantastic Band at Rialto Hall

April 15, 2017 @ 8:30 pm
Théâtre Rialto
5719 Av du Parc
Montréal, QC H2V
25$ Taxes incluses
Billetterie || Box Office
(514) 770-7773
Elton John Tribute with Captain Fantastic Band at Rialto Hall @ Théâtre Rialto | Montréal | Québec | Canada

The show will be presented at the Rialto Hall (5719 du Parc Ave.)


Show: $25*

* Taxes included, box office not included.

For group sales (minimum 10 persons), please contact us at (514) 268-7069.

Why a tribute to Sir Elton John?

There is no greater compliment to any performer than to be celebrated by a
tribute band. Not to be confused with a cover band, a tribute band is a band
who attempts to emulate in every way the band they are in tribute to. This
includes reproducing the music as accurately as possible to the original.

The overall idea of a tribute band is to create the perfect atmosphere and
to give their audience the opportunity to see and hear what the real band
sounds like, an opportunity that maybe some of them would otherwise never
have had.

To tribute a band and reproduce the quality of sound and performance, such
as Elton’s, that has taken decades to perfect, requires bundles of
enormously unique talent. ‘The Captain’ Donnie Leafloor is a man in
possession of such a talent. His amazing ability to recreate both Elton’s
vocal and keyboard skills so brilliantly can leave you questioning whether
you are listening to Elton himself.

‘The Captain’ is backed by the creative and powerful six piece ‘Captain
Fantastic Band’ who themselves also never fail to reproduce faithfully the
full purity of the music we have come to love on all Elton John recordings.
Each and every one of our audiences can be assured that they will depart our
performances having been thoroughly entertained during their fantastic
journey down rock music memory lane.

The dynamics of ‘The Captain Fantastic Band’s’ stage shows and the range
and versatility of the music, has opened the doors to many different types
of venue, from college halls to stadium arenas, ‘The Elton John experience’
can perform to music lovers of every age group.
For Donnie and the band, the satisfaction of performing the music they love
in tribute to an artist they respect, comes from knowing that their audience
have come to hear the music of one amazing artist, rather than a mix of
cover music of which only a fraction might appeal to some of the audience.
Tributing one of the greatest singer/songwriters in modern music history
can understandably be very complex and demanding at times, but for both the
band and the audience alike the rewards are out of this world!
Any lover of Elton’s music will know that there are many songs in his back
catalogue that need no more than a man and his piano, then there are many
others that can incorporate many intricate interrelated parts including full
ensembles of instruments and vocals within them.
We can comfortably say that since launching ‘The Elton John experience’ we
have covered most of these bases.

But you have to see it, and hear it, to believe it…